How do I sync my Calendar with other applications such as Gmail and how do I print it?

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Sharing your Calendar

You can import your Brightspace Calendar into another application that you are already using, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. In order to do this, you need to create a link for your Brightspace Calendar that you can add to your other calendar. This is can be useful for viewing your calendar on your smartphone, for instance.

Your other calendar application needs to support iCal links.

  1. Click Settings. Select Enable Calendar Feeds in the screen that pops up. Click Save.

A new icon appears on the Calendar page.

  1. Click Subscribe.
  1. Choose what you want the external calendar to show under Calendar Subscriptions. You can select one specific course, just your tasks or everything.
  2. Select and copy the link. Add it to your other application.
  3. You can also download the contents for offline use. Note that any changes in the calendar will not be automatically entered! Click Download. You can open the ics file with most calendar applications.
  4. Click Close.

If you copy and paste the link, you are subscribing to (parts of) the Brightspace Calendar. This means that updates are automatically synced to your calendar. By clicking download, you are importing the calendar as it is at that particular moment. You will not receive any updates by doing it that way.

To add the link in an external application, you need to find the option that allows you to add calendars. There, you can add calendars from external sources such as the internet or a specific url.

Printing your Calendar

  1. Select the calendar you want to print. Click All Calendars to print all calendars.
  2. Click Print.

In the window that opens, you can choose what you wish to print:

  1. Select Show Branding to display the selected calendar's title.
  2. Turn the following options on or off under Display Options:
    • Select Show event details to display the descriptions of each calendar event.
    • Select Page break before each event to print each event on a new page (we do not recommend this option, as it requires a lot of paper).
  3. Choose the following options under Event Range:
    • Print all events.
    • Print events prior to: print everything that occurred before the set date.
    • Print events starting: print everything that occurs after the set date.
    • Print events between: print everything that occurs between two dates.
  4. Click Update Preview to get an updated Print Preview of what you are about to put to paper.
  5. Click Print.
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