How do I view my grades in Brightspace (Grades)?

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Teachers can add an assessment to quizzes, assignments and discussions in Brightspace. Additionally, they can add assessments to offline work such as presentations. These grades can always be found in OSIRIS, but some teachers will also publish these grades on Brightspace.

If there are differences between the grade you see on OSIRIS and the one on Brightspace, then the one on OSIRIS will be leading. If you think that a grade is incorrect, you have to contact your teacher. 

Grades homepage

  1. Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Grades. You will navigate to the Grades homepage.

Here you will find all assessments the teacher has added/can add to Brightspace. Teachers can choose which assignments they wish to assess in Brightspace, which ones they wish to assess outside of Brightspace and whether they only want to submit the grades to OSIRIS or add them to Brightspace too. Additionally, teachers can control which information is shown for each assignment. There are several options:

  • Grade Item will show the components (assignments, quizzes, discussions) for which the teacher can add a grade in Brightspace. 
  • Below Points you can see how many points you have received out of the total amount of points. 
  • Weight Achieved will show the weight of the component and how this components contributes to the final assessment or to the category. You can only see this if the lecturer has turned this feature on.
  • Grade shows the symbol that matches with the score you have achieved. This could be, for example, a letter (A+, A, B, C, D, F), a grade (1 to 10), or a text (unsatisfactory, pass, good).
  • Below Comments and Assessments you will see possible remarks the teacher has added to your assignment. This could be feedback for your assignment, but also a general message (such as a thank you-message for participating).
  • Click the graph icon to see the Class Average and/or the Grade Distribution. For each grade item and grade category the teacher can decide whether it should be available or not. If you do not see the graph icon, that means that the teacher has not enabled that function for this item.

The score for a specific component can often be found in the Activity itself.

  • Navigate to Assignments, Quizzes or Discussions via Activities.
  • Select the desired assesses assignment, quiz or discussion.
  • You will see the score and/or feedback the teacher has provided.

Class Average and Grade Distribution

If you see the graph icon behind a grade item, it means you can choose to view the Class Average and/or the Grade Distribution. 

  • Click the graph icon. A new window will open.
  • The Class Average will show the average score that has been achieved for an assignment or for all submitted assignments (if you can see the graph for the entire category).
  • The Grade Distribution shows how the scores have been distributed among the students who have submitted the assignment. The vertical axis shows the number of students that have achieved a certain score. The horizontal axis shows the achieved scores.
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