How do I use Discussions?

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Teachers can create a discussion forum within a course. As a student, you will have the possibility to use this forum to submit assignments, consult, ask questions and discuss with your fellow students.

Discussions homepage

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Discussions. You will be navigated to the Discussions homepage.
  • On the Discussions homepage you will find an overview of all forums and the corresponding topics that the teacher has created for the course. This is the Discussions List.
  • Below Subscriptions you can select how you wish to receive notifications (emails) about discussion forums, topics, and threads you have subscribed to. 

Discussions List

The Discussions List will show a list of all forums, topics and threads that have been created by teachers or students. Below Posts you will see how many messages have been posted in the topic concerned. The blue number between brackets behind the number of posts indicated how many posts are currently unread.

For more information about participating in a discussion, please read the following article: How do I participate in a discussion?


Subscriptions will show a list of all forums, topics and threads you are receiving notifications from.

  1. Select whether you wish to see all your subscriptions (All Subscriptions), or only specific subscriptions; the forums (Forum Subscriptions Only), the topics (Topic Subscriptions Only) or the threads (Thread Subscriptions Only).
  2. Below Default Notification Method you can choose whether you want to receive notifications in the minibar, as an email, or in your daily summary of activity.
  3. It is possible to set up your notification for each forum, topic and thread individually. 
  4. Click Subscribed to unsubscribe from a forum, topic or thread. A window will appear that asks you to confirm your action.

In a topic or thread you can set whether you want to receive notifications. You do this by clicking on Subscribe at the topic or thread.

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