What can I do with Course Schedule?

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In the Course Schedule section, you will find an overview of all calendar items (like Assignments and Quizzes) your teacher has created for a course. 

  1. Click Content in the navbar of your course. You will navigate to the content page/module you last accessed.
  2. Click Course Schedule.

Course Schedule will show all calendar items of the course in a chronological order. Brightspace makes a distinction between:

  • Today: an assignment/a quiz is planned for today;
  • Tomorrow: the due date of an assignment/a quiz is tomorrow;
  • Next 7 days: the assignment/quiz has to be handed in within the next seven days.

Under Overdue you can see all items that have passed in chronological order. with the oldest on top. The red number after Course Schedule shows how many items have passed. By checking the box behind an item, this will change the item status to completed and remove it from the Overdue list.

Go to Full Schedule to view all planned items with a date in this course. This includes activities that have already expired.

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