How can I see who participates in my course?

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In Brightspace it is possible to quickly see which students follow the same course as well as which teachers teach the course.

  1. Navigate to Administration in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Classlist.

The Classlist page will show an overview of the participants of the course.

  • Go to the top navigation bar to select which participants you wish to see: just the students (Student), just the teachers (Teacher), other participants (Other), or all participants (All).
  • Use Search For to seach for a specific participant:
    • Select whether you are searching for a participant (User) or group (Groups) behind View By and then click Apply.
    • Click Show Search Options if you want more search options. For example, it is now possible to search for first names, last names, or the role within the course.
  • You will see the names of participants under Image.
  • Under Last Name/First Name you will see the names of the participants. Click Last Name/First Name to see either the first name or last name first. Click the arrow to sort the names based on (reversed) alphabetical order.
  • Under Role you will see which role a person fulfills within the course, for example student, coordinator or teacher. Click Role to sort the roles based on (reversed) alphabetical order. 
  • If there are a lot of participants in the course, use the drop-down menu to select the number of participants per page.

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