What do the numbers mean in the course modules?

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When you go to the Content page of a course, you might see numbers behind the Course Schedule, Table of Contents, or (sub)modules. These numbers represent the number of topics within a (sub)module that have not yet been completed. If you see the numbers, Completion Tracking is turned on. This is a feature that shows which content has been viewed. 

Completion tracking is a tool for you personally to track your progress. There will be no consequences for your assessment, considering the teacher cannot access students' completion tracking. 

There are two types of completion tracking:

  1. Students have to check off their tasks to complete them;
  2. 'Automatic' completion tracking - Brightspace will automatically check off items for which the right action has been undertaken.
  • The number behind each (sub)module represents the number of topics that need to be completed in that specific (sub)module.
  • The number behind Course Schedule represents the number of item that have a due date in the calendar. When the number is red, it means there are activies you have not completed or checked off before the deadline expired.
  • When you click on a (sub)module, you will see a bar at the top of your screen that shows which percentage of the module you have completed and how many items you have left.
  • You can check off a topic to complete it, for example when you have finished an assignment or read the literature.
  • When you check off a topic, you will see your progress on the bar at the top.
  • When you have completed all topics within a (sub)module, the grade behind that (sub)module will turn into a checkmark. 
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