How do I take a quiz?

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Quizzes homepage

Teachers can create a Quiz for a course. You have to take this quiz on Brightspace, after which the teacher can provide feedback.

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Quizzes. You will navigate to the Quizzes homepage.
  • Below Current Quizzes you will see the different quizzes the teacher has created for a course. Below the title of the quiz you will also find the deadline and the availability.
  • Below Feedback you will see whether the teacher has provided commentary on your answers or not. 
  • Below Attempts you will find the number of attempts you have to take the quiz and also how many attempts you have currently used.
  1. Click the name of the quiz to open it. You will be navigated to the the Summary page. 
  2. Click on the arrow behind a quiz to open the drop-down menu. From here you will navigate to Submissions and Reports.


On the Summary page you will find information about the quiz. If you have any attempts left, you can also start them here.

  • Below Quiz Details you will find the time, the user, the deadline, whether the quiz is available, how much time you will need to take the quiz, and how many attempts are allowed and how many you have used.
  • Below Instructions you will find a description that will help you to take the quiz.
  • Click Start Quiz! to start the quiz.

Take a quiz

After you have clicked Start Quiz! you will be navigated to the page with questions. When you answer a question, the answer will be saved automatically. It is possible to change your answer before you submit your quiz.

You can close the quiz in the meantime to continue at a later moment. To do so, click on the cross sign above the questions at the right. To continue the quiz again, you need to look for the quiz and press Continue Quiz. Be aware that when a timer is added to the quiz, the time will keep running while the quiz is closed. You will get a warning notification for this.

After you have submitted all questions, you have to click Submit Quiz. 

A final window will appear. If you want to change any of your answers, you have to click Back to Questions. If you feel confident about your answers, click Submit Quiz to submit them. 

After you have taken a quiz and have no remaining attempts, a Summary will appear that shows the details of the quiz. Above the Quiz Details you will see Attempts Completed. There is no further possibility to take the quiz again. 


  • Go to the pop-up menu of a quiz and click Submissions to review the submitted quiz attempts.

If you have not taken a quiz, you will see You have not attempted this quiz.

If you have participated in a quiz, an overview will appear with the attempts. The information you have access to is determined by the teacher, who can change the settings. The default setting is that students are able to see their score (Individual Attempts and Score), but it is also possible that you have access to the statistics of other students.

  • Below Individual Attempts you will see the different attempts you have handed in. If you see a text box behind the attempt, the teacher has provided feedback. 
    • Click on an attempt to see on what date and at what time you took the quiz, possible feedback, and your score. The teacher can also make your answers and/or the correct answers available with the questions. 
  • Below Score you will see the scores you have received for the different attempts. The score consists of the number of points you have acquired out of the total amount of points. Note that the way in which you see the score once again depends on the settings the teacher has chosen.
  • Behind Overall Grade (...) you will see the final score. If there have been multiple attempts the score depends on the settings of the teacher. The way Brightspace calculates the final score can be found between brackets:
    • Highest Attempt: the attempt with the highest score counts. 
    • Lowest Attempt: the attempt with the lowest score counts. 
    • Average of all Attempts: the final score is the average of the scores of all attempts. 
    • First Attempt: just the first attempt counts.
    • Last Attempt: just the last attempt counts.
  • You might see the statistics of the other people in your group compared to yours. This depends on the teacher's settings.


Teachers can create reports about (the statistics of) a quiz. The results of all participants will then be put together and displayed in graphs. This allows you to see what scores other students have received and what the group average is. 

  • Click Reports in the pop-up menu of a quiz to review the statistics report of a quiz.

When the teacher has generated a report, you will find it in the Report List. Click on the title of the report you wish to see.

  • If desired, add the start date and end date to determine the period of which you wish to see quiz results.
  • Click Generate HTML to open the report in your browser.
  • You will see the statistics that the teacher has set up. For example, the average of all students and/or the score for each student.
  • Click Print Report to print the statistics.
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