How do I add a video to Kaltura?

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When you want to add a video to a Brightspace course, you will have to use Kaltura. Kaltura consists of the My Media-page and the Course Gallery.

  • Through Kaltura My Media you can upload videos to Kaltura. Here you will also find an overview of the videos that have been uploaded previously. Additionally, you can edit, delete and publish videos to make them accessible for other participants in the course.
  • Each course has its own Kaltura Course Gallery, where you will find an overview of all of the media that participants have published in the course. It is possible to add previously uploaded media to the Course Gallery and to view statistics.

When you add videos to Kaltura, you do so via Kaltura My Media and not through the Kaltura Course Gallery. When you add a video using Course Gallery, it will instantly be visible for all participants in the course.

If you want to learn more about how you can add a Kaltura video to an assignment, you can read the following article: How do I hand in a video assignment?

Add media to Kaltura

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of the course.
  • Click Kaltura My Media.
  • Click Add New. Select in the drop-down menu what type of media file you would like to add:
    • Click Media Upload to upload a file from your desktop.
    • Click Webcam Recording to record a video with your webcam.
    • Click YouTube to add a YouTube video.
    • Click Kaltura Capture to add a video or screenshot that was made with Kaltura Capture.
    • Click Video Quiz if you want to turn a new or previously uploaded video into a quiz.

When you add media to Kaltura, you need to fill out information about the media file. Below you will see an example of adding a video from your computer:

  • Click Choose a file to upload and search for the right file on your computer.
  1. Provide the video with a title (the name with which the video is saved on your desktop, will be filled in by default).
  2. Add a description (optional).
  3. Add tags (optional).
  4. The video will automatically be set to Private (meaning you will be the only person who can see it). You can only publish it after saving it.
  5. Click Save. You can now publish the video (Published). Select the course(s) you would like to publish the video in and click Save. Please note that when you publish a video to a course, it will be visible for everyone who is a part of the course.
  • Scroll down to add a video if desired.
  • Click Go To Media to view or edit the video. Click  Go To My Media to return to the My Media page.

All tags you enter will be saved in Kaltura and can be used by everyone at the RU.

Change media settings

  • Click Activities in the navbar of the course.
  • Click Kaltura My Media.
  • Click on the pencil icon (Edit) behind the video you want to edit.
  • Under Details you can change the title, description and the tags.
    • It is also possible to delete the video when you go to Details. To do so, click Delete Entry at the bottom right of the screen.
  • With Options you can choose whether people can react to the video or not; you can also close the discussion (Comments). If you want others to be able to take clips (fragments) from your video, select Clipping.
  • With Collaboration you can give others permission to edit or share the video. Read more on how to do this in the manual How do I share a video with another person?
  • Thumbnails allows you to choose which miniature image (thumbnail) is shown before playing a video. There are three options to do so:
    • Upload Thumbnail: upload a photo from your computer to use as the thumbnail.
    • Capture: using the timeline, pause the video at a chosen point in the video to create a thumbnail of it and click Capture. 
    • Auto-Generate: pick one of the thumbnails that Kaltura has generated automatically.
      After you have selected a miniature, it is possible to download it (Download).
  • Use Captions to upload a file with subtitles.
  • At Timeline you can place bookmarks in your video to highlight certain parts and to provide them with notes. You can also add your slides to selected points in your video.
  • Click Launch Editor to create a quiz or to edit the video.

Click Save (below Details or Options) to save the changes.

If you choose to add a video from another medium, for example YouTube, a few settings will be different:

  • There is a Replace Video option. Here you can add a new link. 
  • The Thumbnails option and the Timeline option are not available.

Publish media

When you add a video to Kaltura My Media it will only be visible for yourself. You can publish the video to make it visible for your fellow students. The overview at Kaltura My Media will show you which videos have been published where.

You can publish the videos through Kaltura My Media, but also directly from the Course Gallery.

Publish media with My Media

If you want to publish a video in multiple courses at once, you can do so by publishing the video with My Media. You can also publish multiple videos at once.

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Kaltura My Media.

If you have not yet published a video, a blue bar will appear on the video that says Private. When you have published a video, you will see a green tag on the right of the video saying Published.

  1. Select one or multiple videos you want to publish.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Publish.
  1. Select the course(s) you want to publish the video in.  Note that this means the video will be visible for everyone in that course or those courses.
  2. Go to Published to see where the course has been published previously.
  3. Click Save to publish the video. Then click Back to return to the overview.
  • Click Published to see where the video has been published.

If you see the text Embedded In Context - ... it means that you have uploaded the video in an Activity. When you hand in a video for an Assignment, the status of the video will be 'published', but it will not be visible for your fellow students.

After you have published a video, it will appear in the Course Gallery of the selected course(s). This also means it will be visible for all participants of those courses. Videos that have previously been posted to My Media can also be published through a course's Course Gallery.

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Kaltura Course Gallery.
  • Click Add Media.
  1. Select the videos that you want to add from the My Media menu.
  2. Click Publish. Your video will then be uploaded to the Course Gallery. Note that the administrator might need to approve the publication of the video in the Course Gallery. In this case, it will say the video is Pending. As soon as the administrator (the teacher) accepts your video, it will appear in the Course Gallery.

If you want to learn more about adding a video from Kaltura to an assignment, read the following article: How do I hand in a video assignment?

Delete media

It is possible to delete media from Kaltura My Media.

  • Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Kaltura My Media.
  • Click the trashcan icon behind the video you want to delete. Then click Delete to confirm.

You cannot delete a video that has been published. You can, however, make the video private again. This can be done in the same screen where you publish the video.

Download a video from Kaltura

You can download videos you added to Kaltura to your computer. Navigate to Activities and then Kaltura My Media.

  • Click the pencil icon on the right of the video you want to download.
  1.  Click the Downloads tab.
  2. Select Source from the list of Available Formats.
  3.  Click Save.
  4. Click Go To Media.
  1. Click the Download tab.
  2. Click the download icon to download the video to your computer.

The video can now be found in your computer files. 

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