How do I log in to Brightspace?

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Open your web browser and navigate to, a login screen will appear. This login page works with the latest versions of most popular web browsers and operating systems. If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, we recommend using Google Chrome. Brightspace is available on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. You can also use the student portal to navigate to Brightspace.

You will land on the SURFconext page where you have to select an institution. Select Radboud University to log in using your S-number.

  • Log in using your S-number and password and click Login.
  • When logging in for the first time, you will need to grant Brightspace permission to access your user ID to identify you within Brightspace. Read the conditions and click to continue.

You will now be logged on into Brightspace.

Once per year, when logging in, you will be shown a pop-up screen where you have to accept the Brightspace Terms of Use.

Are you having problems logging in? Send an email to [email protected] with your problem. Be sure to include your student number.

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