How do I edit a video in Kaltura?

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You can use Kaltura to edit your own videos (but not videos from other platforms such as YouTube). This can be done in the Video Editor. You can cut off the begin or the end of a video, or select a part of a video to create a separate clip.

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Kaltura My Media.
  • Click on the pencil icon (Edit) for the video you want to edit.
  • Click Launch Editor. You will navigate to the Video Editor.
  1. Use the triangle to start or pause the video. Use the arrows to jump forward or backward to the beginning or end of the video.
  2. The Real-Time marker will show you you a timeline that tells you where in the video you are. You can scroll to different parts of the video by dragging the marker to a specific point.
  3. The Real-Time Input field will show you where you are. If you enter the specific second of the video you want to see, it will automatically jump to that moment. The Real-Time marker will automatically follow.
  4. There are several options on the top right of the timeline (from right to left):
    • Zoom in or out by moving the dot.
    • Use Select Audio to select whether you want to see the sound graph in the timeline or not.
    • Use the arrows to undo your previous action.
    • Use Reset to undo all your changes.
  5. At the beginning and the end of your video you will see yellow bars. You can drag these bars across your timeline to select a certain part.
  6. You will find the following options above the Real-Time marker:
    • The trashcan icon (top left): use Delete to delete the selected parts of your video.
    • The line icon (top right): let your video fade in or fade out at the beginning/ending of the video or at the beginning/ending of a cut fragment.
    • The scissors icon (bottom left): can be used to cut up you video, after which you can trim, remove, or fade in/fade out the individual parts.
    • Brackets (bottom right): make the yellow bar jump to this point on the timeline.

Trim a video

When you trim a video you cut the beginning and/or the end of a video.

  • Firstly you have to determine what part(s) you want to trim. This can be done in several ways:
    • Drag the yellow bars to the desired begin point and end point of the video (for example: if you want to cut off the last twenty seconds of the video, you have to drag the bar 20 seconds to the left).
    • Enter the time in the Real-Time Input field to determine where you want to place the real time marker. The advantage is that this method allows you to place the Real-Time Marker very securely. Drag the yellow bar to the Real-Time marker at either the beginning of the video or the end. (If the bar is close to the marker, it will jump to it automatically).
    • Select the moment in the timeline where the video has to start or end. The Real-Time marker will automatically follow. Drag the yellow bar at either the beginning or end to the Real-Time marker.
    • Play the video and pause at the desired time. The Real-Time marker automatically follows. Drag the yellow bar at either the beginning or end to the Real-Time marker.
  • When you have selected the desired length or have removed/cut parts and are finished with editing, click Save or Save a Copy. It is possible to delete multiple fragments.

Kaltura will not automatically save a copy in the Video Editor. Click Save if you no longer need the original video. If you think you might need it later, then click Save a Copy to save the edited video. This way the original will remain on your My Media page unchanged. This way you create a clip of your video.

Create a clip

If you want to copy a part of your video and use it separately, you can create a clip. 

  • First determine the length of the part you want to create a clip with (see Trim video above).
  • Click Save a Copy.
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