How do I view the assessment of a quiz?

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There are two ways to view the assessment the teacher has provided for you quiz: Quizzes and Grades. When you use Quizzes you will see the assessment for each separate quiz attempt. When you use Grades you will see an overview of the final assessment for all Activities that have been assessed on Brightspace.


  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Quizzes.
  1. Click on the arrow next to the quiz of which you want to see the result.
  2. Click Submissions.
  • On the Submissions page you will see which score you have obtained for each attempt. Behind Overall Grade you will see the final score for all attempts. Please note that the final score could be the average of all attempts, but also the highest or the lowest score or the score for the first or last attempts. The way the final score is composed depends on the settings the teacher has chosen.
  • If you see a speech cloud behind the attempt, it means that the teacher has added feedback. Click on the attempt to see the feedback.

On the feedback page you will see:

  • when you took the quiz;
  • the feedback the teacher has provided (Attempt Feedback);
  • possibly the correctly and wrongly answered questions with the correct answers, and possibly feedback for each questions (This depends on the settings the teacher has chosen); 
  • possibly the score you have acquired for this attempt and your final score (This also depends on the settings chosen by your teacher).


It is also possible to view the assessments for a quiz with Grades.

A teacher can enter a grade either on the Grades page or on the Quiz page. When the teacher changes a grade within Grades, it will not automatically be processed and visible for the feedback in Quizzes. That is why you might see a different grade in Grades and for the quiz itself.

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Grades.

In Grades you will see all Activities you could be assessed for in your grade book.

  • Below Grade Item you will see which quiz, assignment or discussion you are dealing with.
  • Below Points you will see the number of points you have acquired.
  • Below Grade you will see your definitive grade, possibly rounded up.
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