How do I dismiss or restore Announcements in Brightspace?

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Teachers will relay important announcements with regards to their courses using the Announcements feature. These are visible on a course's homepage. By clicking the X to the upper right, you can dismiss a message, archiving it in the process (you cannot delete an announcement entirely). Did you inadvertently dismiss an announcement and do you want to put it back? In that case, you can easily do this via the Announcements Tool.


  1. Click the arrow after Announcements.
  2. Click Go to Announcements Tool.

The Announcements Tool displays an overview of all announcements. You can see the start date of the messages posted by your teacher and easily view, dismiss or return them to the course homepage.

  • Click on the arrow after any announcement to:
    • View them.
    • Dismiss or return them to the course homepage (Dismiss from widget/Restore). A dismissed announcement will show it has been Dismissed.
  • Click Notifications to get to your notification settings.

In the Notifications screen, you can opt in to email notifications for any Announcements that are posted to your courses. We recommend you do this, as teachers will use Announcements to relay important updates regarding their courses.

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