How do I use web documents to improve my presentation?

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Web documents can be used to make your presentation more orderly. As a result you do not have to download separate items; they will be visible directly in your presentation. To do this, you have to create a web document and put it in your presentation.

Create a web document

  1. Click My Items.
  2. Click the arrow next to Add.
  3. Choose Web Document.
  1. Enter the name of the web document.
  2. Add your items (for example the text).
  3. Click Next.

By clicking Insert Stuff (marked here with the orange square), you can add images and videos to the web document.

Please note that you cannot add a Word document to a web document directly. A link will appear that leads to the document. Instead, you can choose to copy and paste the text and images from your document and add them to the web document separately.

  1. Click Save.

Adding a web document to the presentation

You can add the web document to your presentation. Do you not yet have a presentation? Read how to create one here

  1. Click Content/Layout.
  2. Click Add Component.
  3. Choose Artefact.
  1. Select the web document.
  2. Click Add.

You have now added the web document to your presentation.

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