How do I view weblectures?

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For some courses, entire classes will be recorded on video. This allows you to watch them at a later point. When this is the case, you can find these weblectures on Brightspace. Your teacher will make them available under Content.

Do you want to learn more about weblectures? Go to the student website and read the article about Weblectures.

  1. Navigate to Content in the navbar of your course.
  2. The teacher will publish the available web lectures under Content in a module they have created for that purpose.
  3. Click the link in the module to open a weblecture.

You have multiple options while watching the weblecture:

  1. Click the play/pause icon to start or pause the weblecture.
  2. If you want to watch a specific part of the video, use the green dot and drag it to the desired point in the video.
  3. Click  the 5s-icon to rewind the class five seconds.
  4. Click the arrow icon to slow down the recording or to speed it up.
  5. Click the miniature slide to enlarge the slide.
  6. Click the speaker icon to adjust the volume.
  7. Click the gear wheel icon to change the video settings (layout, positions en qualities).
  8. Click the screen icon to view the lecture in full-screen mode. 
  9. Click the slide icon to open a new window next to the weblecture that displays the slides.
  10. Click the magnifying glass icon to search within the video. It is possible to search for a key word that is on one of the slides.

When you click the slide icon, a window will open containing all slides and a search bar. Below Slides, you will see all of the slides the teacher has used. Click on a slide to navigate to that point in the weblecture.

Click Search to use the search bar. You can search within a weblecture, for example when you are searching for a specific activity, attachment, chapter, slide, replies or subtitles. You can search for key words on the slide through text recognition.

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