What can I do under Content?

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Under Content you will find all the information that the teacher has placed in the course.

  • Click Content in the navbar of your course.

Via the menu on the left side of the screen you navigate to:

  • Overview (welcome page): you land on this page when you first open the content page of a course. On this page, teachers post a personal message, an explanation of the various modules or general information such as contact details.
  • Bookmarks (bookmarks): in the bookmark overview you will find all topics that you have bookmarked.
  • Course Schedule: this page shows all parts of the calendar, such as assignments and quizzes that are on the schedule.
  • Table of Contents (course structure): under Table of Contents you will find the course content, subdivided into Modules. Teachers can structure the course under Table of Contents in the way they want, for example modules per week or modules per course component type.
  • Behind Course Schedule and behind the modules under Table of Contents there can be frames with a number. This number represents the parts within that module that you still have to complete. When you have completed all parts, a check mark appears.
  • The teacher can choose to place a blue bar at the top of the Table of Contents that shows your total progress.
  • If you navigate to Content, you land on the page you last visited.
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