How do I receive email notifications about upcoming deadlines?

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You can choose whether you want to receive a message when a deadline approaches. You can set this up in the Notifications panel.

  1. Click on your picture or name in the minibar.
  2. Click Notifications.
  • Below Contact Methods you will the email address the notifications will be sent to. Brightspace will always use your address; this cannot be changed.
  1. Check Instant Notifications for:
    • Assignments - submission folder due date or end date is 2 days away if you want to receive notifications for assignment deadlines.
    • Quizzes - quiz due date or end date is 2 days away if you want to receive notifications for quiz deadlines.
      In both cases, an email will arrive in your inbox two days before the end date for an assignment or quiz, using the email address you set in your profile settings.
  2. Click Save.
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