How do I enroll into groups within a course?

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An instructional video is included for this subject. This instructional video will provide a step-by-step explanation about how to enroll into groups and use groups as a student. A written manual can be found below the video.

Enrolling through OSIRIS

Enrolling in groups is handled through OSIRIS in most cases, usually when you sign up for a course. These groups are then transferred to Brightspace. You can find a manual with more information about enrolling in OSIRIS groups here. Any changes to your group enrollment can only be done via OSIRIS, not Brightspace.

Groups in Brightspace

Teachers can also create various groups within Brightspace, to hand in group assignments, for instance. These groups can be found via Administration - Groups in the navbar. Here, you can also see if your teacher created a custom group structure or whether Brightspace automatically created groups. Under Groups, you can find the groups of which you are a member. If the teacher has set up self enrollment, you can choose what groups you want to be a member of.

Enrolling in Groups in Brightspace

  • Click View Available Groups for an overview of all the groups in which you can enroll.
  • Choose a group and click Join Group. The group will now be listed under My Groups
  • If you made a mistake and you want to unenroll, click Leave Group. Make sure you do this before the set End Date, or you will not be able to change your group membership anymore.
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