Where do I find my courses and how do I pin/unpin them?

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It is possible you have enrolled in a course in OSIRIS, but you cannot view it yet in Brightspace. In this case, the course teacher has set the course to inactive (even though we always recommend setting a start date instead). Ask your fellow students if the course shows up for them. When in doubt, double-check with your professor.

If you want a course to show up by default on your personal Brightspace homepage, pin it. The first six courses you are enrolled in are automatically pinned. You can pin a course in two ways: using the Course Selector or View All Courses on the homepage.

Pinning with Course Selector

  1. Click the Course Selector icon in the minibar of your homepage. A list with all the courses you enrolled in OSIRIS will appear.
  2. Click the pushpin icon after a course name to pin or unpin it:
    • Dark pushpin icon: the course is pinned to your homepage.
    • Transparant icon: the course is unpinned.
  3. Pinned courses will appear at the top of the list of search results by default. Use the search bar to look for courses and/or click Advanced Search to sort and filter your results, by start date or faculty, for instance. The course you searched for last will appear at the top of the list, below the courses you already pinned.

Note: the search bar will not show up until you are enrolled in twenty courses or more. Options for sorting all your courses will not be available unless you are taking courses at more than one faculty.

Pinning with View All Courses

  1. Go to the Brightspace home page and click View All Courses.
  2. Find the course you want to pin and click the three dots that appear when you place your mouse over the Course Banner.
  3. Click the dots and choose Pin to pin the course.
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