How do I view Brightspace Announcements in the Student portal?

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The announcements that are displayed in Brightspace can also be viewed in the Student portal. This applies to both types of announcements that are used in Brightspace:

  1. Organisation Announcements: messages that are accessible on your personal homepage when you log onto Brightspace.
  2. Course Announcements: messages about a course that the teacher posts on the Course Home of a course.

You will not see messages that:

  • you have dismissed in Brightspace;
  • have been placed in a course that has not yet started or that is not active;
  • have been placed in an active course before it was active. Note that you are able to see these messages on Brightspace itself, just not on the portal.
  • have been placed in the course before you were enrolled. Note that you are able to see these messages on Brightspace itself, just not on the portal.

Give permission

Before you can see announcements from Brightspace in the Student portal, you have to give permission.

You will see a header called Brightspace messages. Below, you see the notification that allows you to give the portal access to your messages in Brightspace.

  • Click Grant access. You will now navigate to the Brightspace log on screen.
  • Log onto Brightspace the normal way by using SURF-conext.

Brightspace will ask whether you want to give permission to share your announcements with the Student portal.

  1. If you want do not want to see this message again, select the check box for Do not ask me again for this application.
  2. Click Continue. You will now navigate back to the portal. From now on you will also see your Brightspace announcements in the Student portal.

The portal will only start collecting announcements from the moment you grant permission. Messages that were posted to Brightspace before you granted this permission will not be visible in the portal.

View announcements

You will see the heading Brightspace announcements on your portal. Below you will find a list with the five most recent announcements. The most recent message will be at the top.

You will first see the subject of the message and then the date and time it was posted. To read the message, open it in Brightspace or the portal.

Open message in Brightspace

Click the title of the message. Brightspace will open in a new screen.

You will see the complete message in Announcements on Brightspace.

You will see the entire announcement including possible layout and multimedia. 

Open messages in the portal

  • Click on the eye icon.

The entire message will now fold out.

You will see the text of the announcement, but without possible layout or multimedia.

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