Which notifications can I turn on or off and how do I receive them per email?

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Notifications are messages containing course updates you can choose to receive via email. These are not the alerts you can see in Brightspace itself. You can turn email notifications on or off per course or per course component.

Please note: the preferred settings set under Notifications are applicable for all courses you are enrolled in. 

Teachers will relay the most important announcements with regards to their course through Announcements. We recommend that all students turn on email notifications for edited or newly added Announcements for each of their courses.

Turning on and off notifications.

  1. Click your name or your picture in the minibar.
  2. Click Notifications.
  1. Under Contact Methods you will see which email address is being used for email notifications. This is your email address that is linked to your Brightspace account. You cannot change this to another address.
  2. Summary of Activity can provide you with a Daily or Weekly summary of all your course notifications. If you opt in to this feature, you can choose what time the summary arrives. If you do not choose a time, the summary is sent to your inbox at midnight each day.
  • Use Instant Notifications to select the activities for which you want to receive notifications. This applies for all courses, unless you exclude courses with Exclude Some Courses.

If you are a new Brightspace user, notifications for new and changed Announcements will be turned on by default. You can turn this off yourself by unchecking the boxes in the menu above.   

Mails sent from Brightspace will automatically be sent to a student's address seeing as teachers are expected to use this mail to communicate with students.

  1. Customise Notifications can be used to select whether you want to receive grades from Grades, and/or whether you want to receive notifications for future courses.
  2. Use Exclude Some Courses to exclude the courses you do not want to receive notifications for. Click Manage course exclusions and then click the cross behind the name of the course you want to exclud. Click Exclude all courses if you do not want to receive any notification at all. This can also be useful when you have a lot of courses and only want to receive notifications for one or a few; then you can exclude everything and then select the few you do want to receive notifications for.
    If you want to turn on notifications after previously turning them off, search for the name of the course and then click the restart-notification pictogram. Click Restore excluded course to reactivate the notifications for all courses.
  3. Click Save to save your settings.
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