How do I fill out a survey?

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Survey homepage

A teacher can create a Survey to get better insight about how you as a student evaluate the course. For example, this could concern workload, the literature, and group work during class.

  1. Navigate to Activities in the navbar of your course.
  2. Click Surveys. You will be navigated to the Surveys homepage.
  • Under Current Surveys you will find an overview of all of the surveys the teacher has created for the course. Below the title of the survey you will also see a possible begin date and end date.
  • Under Responses you will see how many times you have previously filled out the survey and whether there is a limit for the amount of attempts you have.
  1. Click the title of the survey to open it.
  2. Click the arrow next to a Survey to open the quick-access menu. From here, you can navigate to Reports. Please note that you can only view the report if the teacher has made it available. Furthermore, the survey has to be closed.

Fill out survey

  • Click on the desired survey on the Survey homepage.

You will be navigated to the page where you have to fill out the survey. The teacher can use different types of open and closed questions.

When you are finished or want to quit, click:

  • Save Responses to save your answers. This action will not send the survey to the teacher, which means you can finish it or change answers at a later moment;
  • Submit Survey to submit the survey. Then confirm you want to hand in the survey by clicking Yes.
  • Exit (top right) to quit without saving. Note that Brightspace will register this as an ongoing attempt.

When you click Submit Survey when you have not yet filled out all questions, you will receive a notification after you have confirmed. This notification asks you whether you want to submit the survey (Submit Survey) or return to the questions (Back to Questions).

A survey is not anonymous by default. When creating the survey, the teacher has two options:

  1. Anonymous answers: the teacher will not know it was you who gave a certain answer.
  2. Answers by name: the teacher knows which answers belong to who.

If you want to know whether the survey is anonymous, ask your teacher.


Teachers are able to create a report about the results of a survey. All answers from all of the students will be displayed in one report.

  • Click Reports in the quick-access menu of a survey.

After the teacher has published a report, you will see it below Reports. Click on the title of the report you wish to see.

  • If desired, enter the begin date and end date to determine the period of which you want to see survey results.
  • Click Generate HTML (do not click Done!) to open the report in your browser.
  • You will see the answers of all students who have filled out the survey. Please note that the specifics of what you get to see depend on the teacher's settings.
  • Click Print Report to print the report.
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