How do I search and filter courses?

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The Radboud University offers thousands of courses each year for dozens of programs. Almost all of these courses can be found in OSIRIS. Therefore it can be useful to search the offer using filters. This instruction explains how this can be done.

Go to: > course catalog

Select the menu button in the upper left corner and choose "Course catalog".

In the course catalog are available:

  1. A search bar that can be used to search for (a part of) the code or the title of the course.
  2. The filters used in the current set of courses found
  3. The number of courses found
  4. The filter button to adjust the filter settings.  

In the above situation 3241 courses have been found, by searching with the search filter '2019'. To change the used set of filters, proceed as follows. Click on the filter button (4).

Ajust the filters

A section appears on the left side of the page in which you can adjust the filters. You can do this by checking the checkboxes on or off. After each filter option, you can see immediately how many courses the filter will yield. For example, in 2019 there are currently 3241 courses, but if you select 2018, there will be 3410 courses.

The following filters are available:

  • Show: In this section you can choose to show only those courses that are open for enrolment, or that have the test open for enrolment.
  • My program: This will show you all the mandatory and mandatory choice courses that you need to take for your program. In the example above, this section is collapsed, but by clicking on the arrow behind the filter, you can expand it.
  • Academic year: choice between the different years of study that are available. It is also possible to consult the content of courses from previous years.
  • Start in month (scroll down): month in which courses start
  • Faculty (scroll down): shows all faculties of which courses are available.
  • Course type (scroll down): shows all course types of courses are available
  • Language (scroll down): Shows the language in which courses are given.
  • Students from other faculties have access? (scroll down): shows whether students from faculties other than those of the faculty whose course is being taken, so-called 'minor subjects', are allowed to participate.
  • Lecturer (scroll down): Displays the names of all teachers associated with one or more courses.

Search within a filter

If there are too many values to show, you can search in the filter for a specific value such as lecturers. Click on the button 'More' at the bottom of the list

You can search by first or last name or part of it. Behind each name there is a list in brackets showing how many courses the lecturer is involved in. It is always possible to select more than one lecturer. The number of courses found will then be added up.  Select one or more checkboxes and click 'OK'.

In the above filtering a set of 25 courses has been found that are tought by three lecturers.

What if I cannot find the course I am looking for?

In some cases you may not be able to find a course by using the filters. This has to do with the fact that the updating of the filters takes place at night. This means that there may be courses that are open for registration but are not yet to be found in the filters. If you can't find a course using the filters, try to use the course code or title in the search field at the top of the screen.

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