How can I change my passport photo?

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In OSIRIS you can upload your passport photo. The photo is used on your student card. Make sure that the photo you use is suitable for identification.

Go to > My details

Click on the button at the top right, and go to the menu "My details".

Select menu personal details

Click "Edit"

Click  the  "edit" link at the bottom of the current passportphoto. Three options now apear.

  • Edit passport photo
  • Delete passport photo
  • Hide passport photo

Select "Edit passport photo"

Select and upload a new passport photo

Selecteer nu een nieuwe foto. Houdt rekening met de bestanmdsgrootte en dwe minimale breedte. JKlik op "Upload een nieuw bestand" om toegang te krijgen tot je foto's / afbeeldingen.

Adjust the size

If necessary, adjust the size of the photo and the position of the photo, and click on the "Save passport photo" button.

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