How to apply for a stay abroad

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For orientation on your stay abroad: Contact the international office of your faculty or your internationalisation coordinator to explore your options.

You can only apply for universities that your faculty has a contract with. You can find these universities on the partner map. If you apply for a university that does not have a contract for your faculty, this application will be rejected.

Submit your application in Osiris

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  1. Go to the tab ‘study abroad’
  2. Read the information carefully and click on the button ‘new request’

Please select ‘Current degree programme’ if you are planning your stay abroad within you current degree programme.

If you are planning on going abroad in your Master, while you're still within your Bachelor, please select 'Future degree programme'.

You can save your application by pressing ‘save’ and continue your application later. Please note that you have to submit your application in order to be considered.

3. Please answer the additional questions and press next

4. Please upload the requested documents and press next

5. You will now see an overview of your application, please check your application carefully and if everything is correct, press ‘submit’


You will now receive an e-mail with an overview of your application.

Please note that your application will be processed after the application deadline. Deadlines may differ per faculty or destination, please check the information provided by your faculty’s international office for your deadlines.

You will receive notice as soon as we have started processing your application.

Result of your application

You will be informed by e-mail about the outcome of your application, and if you get nominated, which university you will be nominated for. Possibly, you will be asked to provide additional information. You will receive these requests by e-mail.

After you have been nominated, you will be informed about which steps to take and how to apply for the relevant grant(s) for your stay abroad.

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