How do I register for a course?

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Registration for a course can be done by yourself in OSIRIS. In some cases, the educational administration of your study programme will register you for courses. There are certain conditions attached to the application, such as entrance requirements, pre-registration or waiting lists. This is usually stated in the course description. Registration for courses takes place in a certain period of time. This period differs per faculty, programme or type of course. The registration period is mentioned for each course. It is also possible to filter on courses that are open for registration.

Please note: as of 20 May 2020, exchange students can no longer register for courses themselves. Course registration will be done for them on the basis of their learning agreement. Any questions this may cause can to be addressed to their faculty contact person.

Go to: > Register

Select the menu with the button at the top left, and go to "Register".

Choose what you want to register for

Not all students get the same options when Registering. For example, pre-master's students will only find the courses of their programme. Contract students cannot register themselves at all.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Course - register for courses
  • Test - register for tests
  • Minor - register for minors
  • Specialisation - register for specialisations

Select 'COURSE'

You will now see a page where you can search for courses. Not all courses are open for registration. Courses with a red dot and an arrow in front of them are open. In this page you will see the following.

  1. A search bar in which you can search (part of) the code or the title of the course.
  2. The number of courses found that match the filters that are used to perform the search.
  3. The filters used
  4. A button to add or modify filters
  5. A short description of the course, with the faculty and the number of credits
  6. An information icon to provide you with information concerning the description of the content, goals, starting blocks, entry requirements etc.

By clicking on the course for which you want to register, you will be taken to the following screen

Select the instructional modes you wish to attend, and click the red arrow button on the lower right of the page to continue.

In some cases, you will ahve to choose also the groupnumber of the instructional mode. if you're entitled to the use of facilities, you will be prompted for selecting these also.

Now confirm the registration by clicking the 'CONFIRM REGISTRATION' button.

At the bottom of the page you will receive a message that you have successfully enroled. You will also receive an automatically generated email confirmation on your Radboud University mail account.

Questions about course enrolment can be asked at the Student Information Point (StIP) of the faculty that offers the course. A list of Student Information Points can be found here.

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