How do Breakout Rooms work? | Teams Meetings

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During a session, the lecturer can decide to divide students into smaller groups. The students will then be replaced to parallel sessions (breakout rooms), where, for example, they can discuss a group assignment.

If a lecturer has opened the breakout rooms, you will see a button on your screen with which you can participate in a breakout room.

  1. Click Join room.

In the breakout room you have the same functionalities as in the main session. Your lecturer may have set different meeting options, that do allow you to share your screen in the breakout room, for example.

The lecturer has decided whether or not you can go back to the main session (for instance to ask a question) when you're in a breakout room.

  1. If your lecturer has set that you can go back to the main session, click Return to do so.

You may end up in the lobby again and have to wait until your lecturer allows you back into the meeting.

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