What is Portflow?

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Portflow is a student driven portfolio application. In his portfolio the student can collect material (Evidence) on the development of his (cross-course) skills throughout his studies. Evidence can be structured in the portfolio into sections and collections and linked to 'Goals'.

The entire portfolio, or parts of it, can be shared with fellow students, teachers, and externals, for soliciting feedback.

In addition, in Portflow the student can reflect on his own work, set his own goals and track his progress. In this way, he gains more insight into his skills and more control over his own studies.

Who can use Portflow?

Portflow can be accessed through Brightspace and can be used by anyone with a Brightspace account. Each user will have their own private Portflow environment. This cannot be viewed without the user's permission.

Programs can support students in setting up the portfolio. They can create templates with a suggested layout of the portfolio. A template can be imported by each user into his own portfolio environment by means of a code.

How to learn more about Portflow?

Watch this intro video for a first impression of the application.

There is an E-learning about Portflow for teachers available on Brightspace.

If you want to read more about how to implement portfolio learning in your teaching; on this page you will find a detailed roadmap.

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