What are ePortfolio Forms and how do I use them?

Within ePortfolio Forms you will find structured forms that have been created by lecturers and can be filled out by students. The filled out forms will be saved for the duration of your studies and can therefore be used as a reflection tool.

There are two ways to navigate to ePortfolio Forms. The easiest one is with content.

  1. Go to the (sub)module where the form is located.
  2. Click the title of the form.
  1. Click My Items.
  2. Click Add.
  • Click Form Response.
  • Click the title of the form.

Fill out the form

Both ways will lead you to the template created by the lecturer.

  1. Answer the questions.
  2. Click Save.
  1. Click Edit Form Response to change your answers.
  2. Click View in ePortfolio to navigate to your portfolio.
  3. Click Reflect in ePortfolio to add a thought or remark to this form. This will only be visible for yourself, unless you share it, and can be used in a reflection assignment.

It is possible to fill out a form template multiple times. You can do this with content, as long as the lecturer has chosen to share the form in multiple places within the content - for example every week. It can also be done with My Items in the portfolio, by clicking Add and then Form Template. You can then fill out the forms as many times as you like.

When you navigate to the ePortfolio you will see an overview of all items in the ePortfolio. A tag will be added to the forms. By searching for this tag you will get to see all forms and possibly the reflections that come with it. This way you will get a clear overview of how you developed yourself during this course or during your studies.

Share the form

After you have filled out a form it will be immediately added to your ePortfolio. When you have filled out a form it will only be visible for yourself, unless you share it with someone. Read more about sharing items in the manual How do I share an item in my ePortfolio?

Use the form in a presentation

You can add a filled-out form to a presentation. This way you can share the form with externals, or add multiple forms to your presentation to create an overview of your development. Read more about creating a presentation in the manual How do I create a presentation in my ePortfolio?