How do I use awards and badges in my ePortfolio?

Some courses use Awards to encourage and reward students. An award usually consists of a badge (image) with a description and possibly credits.

How do I add awards to my ePortfolio?

  1. Go to the course and click Administration.
  2. Click Awards.
  1. Go to the Badge and click Share.

To review all awards you can earn in this course, click View Available Awards.

To review the awards you have earned in other courses as well, click Include awards from other courses.

  1. Click Send to ePortfolio.

What is the purpose of awards?

  1. Click ePortfolio.

Click on the award you have just added to view it. Click on the arrow next to the award to open the menu. The award item has the same options as other items. You can share it, change it, delete it and review it.

You could also use Awards in presentations. If you do this, the image, description and the credits will be shown.