How do I hand in a document from my ePortfolio to a course assignment?

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A document from your ePortfolio can also be submitted to an assignment in a course.

For a general manual on handing in assignments, consult this manual.

  1. In the desired course, click Activities.
  2. Click Assignments.

A screen with Submission Folders now appears. Click on the desired assignment to continue to the hand-in page.

  1. Click Add a File.
  1. Click ePortfolio.
  1. Select the document you want to submit.
  2. If finding your file is difficult, use the search function at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Select Item.

A blue progress bar will now appear representing the upload process of the file. This can take a few minutes (specifically with large files).

It is possible to submit multiple ePortfolio files for one course assignment. However, you can only select one file at a time in the selection screen above. In order to submit multiple ePortfolio files for a course assignment, you will have to repeat the above steps (from the point of pressing the Add a File button) for each file.

When the upload is completed, the above screen will appear.

  1. Click Submit.

The file has now been successfully submitted.

It is also possible to submit an ePortfolio file via the Content tab. This is done through the Choose Existing button. A selection screen will then appear, with the ePortfolio option on it.

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