How do I fill my ePortfolio with course information and results?

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Reflect in ePortfolio

If you want to write down a thought or comment about a topic (for example a document or an assignment) in the course, you can do so with the Reflect in ePortfolio button.

  1. Within a course, click Content.
  2. Click on the module where the topic is located.
  3. Click the topic.

The topic is opened, and the above screen (or something similar) appears.

1. Click Reflect in ePortfolio.

A window opens where you can write a reflection/comment. In order to easily find the reflection in the ePortfolio later, a Tag can be added to the reflection.

Add to ePortfolio

You can add the results or feedback on your course assignments to your ePortfolio. This is done as follows:

  1. Click Activities.
  2. Click Assignments.
  1. Locate the desired assignment and click View Feedback.

On the screen that appears you see the rubric filled in by the teacher and any comments that have been added.

1. Click the Add to ePortfolio button.

  1. Select the check box if you want the submitted assignment to also be placed in your ePortfolio. Enter the remaining information and add a Tag (optional).
  2. Click Add.

The filled in rubric can now be found in your ePortfolio.

Add Course Results

It is possible to add course results from the ePortfolio environment. This is done as follows:

  1. Within your ePortfolio, navigate to the My Items tab.
  1. Click Add.
  2. Click Course Results.

The following screen now appears:

  1. Click on the hyperlink of the desired course.

The following screen appears:

A screen will appear similar to that of the picture above. Here you can add different types of course results, namely:

  • Assignment Submission Folder: submitted assignments.
  • Grades: grade list.
  • Quiz: completed quizzes.
  • Competency Results: this is not currently supported.
  1. After making an item selection, click Next.

There will now be a screen where you can add a name and possibly a description/tags to the items. Click Save and the items will be added to your ePortfolio.

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