How to share an item from my ePortfolio with an external recipient?

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If items from your ePortfolio need to be shared with someone from outside the Radboud University, such as e.g. an internship supervisor, this can be done using an ePortfolio presentation.

You only need the e-mail address of the recipient.

Beware: only a presentation item can be shared with external parties. Other items cannot be shared with external users (unless it is inside a shared presentation).

  1. Click My Items to go to the My Items tab.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the presentation you want to share.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click Share.

4. If the presentation has already been shared with others, this icon will be displayed.

  1. Click here to select people for sharing.
  2. Here you will find the names of the persons with whom the presentation has already been shared.
  3. Click here to adjust the permissions of the recipients.
  4. Click on the X to undo the sharing. The user with whom you shared the presentation now no longer has access to the presentation.
  5. Click here to adjust the visibility conditions for shared users.

Click Add Users and Groups and scroll

  1. In the Add External User by Email Address option, add the e-mail address of the external recipient.
  2. Then click Add.
  3. Then click on Share to share the presentation.

It is not necessary to send an invite: external parties automatically receive an invite in their inbox.

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