What is the difference between sharing and importing/exporting in my ePortfolio?

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There are several options in ePortfolio for sharing a file with other users. You can share a file, but it is also possible to export and import items from/to your computer. The differences between these options are explained below.

A teacher can also push a document in a student's portfolio. If a teacher pushes a document to you, you can see this in your ePortfolio under the My Items tab. This item has the same functionalities as other items and thus behaves as if you created it. This is useful for empty templates or forms.


Sharing an item means that an item you have created can be seen by others. You can e.g. ask feedback from recipients with this function.

When sharing an item:

  • the item remains the property of the person who has shared it;
  • the recipients can see the item in the Explore tab;
  • you can see recipients from whom the item originated;
  • all reviews, and comments added to the item are immediately visible in the ePortfolio of the person who has shared;
  • changes in the document are immediately visible in the document that the recipient can view.

More information about how to share an item: How do I share an item from my ePortfolio?


Exporting items means that you download files from your ePortfolio to your computer. When exporting to your computer, your ePortfolio creates a Brightspace .zip-file of the chosen item(s) and stores it on your computer. This zip file contains the original item.

Importing items means that you place items from your computer in your ePortfolio.

When importing/exporting an item:

  • documents can be released, without pushing, by offering an export file via the course;
  • imported items are owned by the person that is importing them;
  • the imported items are visible in the My items tab;
  • you can choose in advance whether an export must be made of the entire ePortfolio, or of a number of selected items.

More information about how to share an item: How do I share an item from my ePortfolio?

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