How do I import/export items in my ePortfolio?

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You can export items from your ePortfolio with Brightspace. An export generates a Brightspace .zip file. This file can then be imported into the Brightspace ePortfolio.

  1. Click the My Items tab.
  2. Click on More Actions.
  3. Click on Go to Import / Export page in the selection menu.

The Import/Export screen provides an overview of all imports and exports that have already been made by you in the past.


  1. In the Import / Export screen, click Export.
  1. Click All Items to export all items from your ePortfolio.
  2. Click Selected Items to export selected items from your ePortfolio.
  1. Select the checkbox to export the files associated with the item. These are, for example, the documents used in a presentation, or reflections that are linked to a document.
  2. Click Add Items to select the items that need to be exported.
  3. Click Export.

1. Click Done. You will now be redirected back to the Import/Export screen.

  1. Click the .zip-file to download it.


  1. In the Import / Export screen, click Import.
  1. Click Bestand kiezen (File Select). This opens file explorer. Choose the export file you want to import. This is stored in the download folder of your computer with file name eP_export_name_of_Person_date and code. For example eP_export_Pietje_Puk_270620181608.
  2. Click Next.
  1. Click Import.

The item has now been successfully imported to your ePortfolio!

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