How do I share an item in my ePortfolio?

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In the ePortfolio, you can share your items with other users (people with an U-, E- or S- number). The recipient can then look at the item and/or give feedback.

You can also share presentations with external recipients.

  To be able to share, you first need to add an item to your ePortfolio.

  1. Click My Items to go to the My Items screen.
  2. Click the arrow next to the item you want to share.
  3. Click Share.
  1. Click Add Users and Groups to add recipients.

The header Users can be used to search for individual recipients.
The header Sharing Groups can be used to search for Sharing Groups. An item can also be shared with an entire course if you make a sharing group for that course. 

  1. Type in the first name, last name, email address or U-/E-/S- number of the recipient.
  2. Select the recipient from the list of search results.
  3. Scroll down.
  1. Under Assign Permissions you can adjust the permissions of the recipient(s).
    - Select See comments from others to let the recipient see comments of others who commented on the shared item.
    - Select Add comments to let the recipient add comments to a shared item.
    - Select See assessments from others to let the recipient see assessments of others who added an assessment to the shared item.
    - Select Add assessments to let the recipient add assessments to a shared item.
    - Select Edit to let the recipient edit the shared item. Be aware that the recipient does not receive a copy. If the recipient makes a change, this is also visible in the item in your ePortfolio. 
  2. Click Share.

The item is now shared with the selected recipients.

When creating a Sharing Group there is the option to Assign Permissions to the entire group. When sharing with a Sharing Group, you are asked to assign the permissions again. The permissions you have assigned while make the group are the leading permissions and overrule what is assigned at the moment of sharing.

The number before next to the little human icon behind an item indicates the amount of recipients you have shared the item with. By clicking on the icon, you can remove or change the permissions of recipients.

Sharing a reflection in the ePortfolio will only share the reflection and not the document it belongs to.

Are you assembling a collection with the intention to share it from your portfolio at a later point? Sharing collectios is discouraged, because files from the collection cannot always be opened by the receiver. If you do want to share multiple files, use a presentation.

Sending an invite

After sharing an item, you can send an invite to the recipient. The recipients gets an notification through email with a link to the shared item.

  1. Select a recipient.
  2. Click Send Invite.
  1. Type in a subject.
  2. Type in a message.
  3. Click Send.

You can change the visibility of the item at all time.

  1. Hide/Show Visibility Options hides or shows the visibility options.
  2. Always Visible means that the recipient can always see the item and can do what has been assigned with the permissions.
    Always Hidden means that the recipient cannot see the item and cannot do what has been assigned with the permissions.
    Visible for specified date range means that the recipient can see the item and can do what has been assigned with the permissions between a specified range.
  3. Click Save.
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