How do I create a presentation in my ePortfolio?

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A presentation can be used to present multiple items from the ePortfolio. A presentation is the only document that can be shared with an external receiver.

  1. Click My Items to go to the My Items tab.
  2. Click on New Presentation to create a new presentation.
  1. Give the presentation a name.
  2. Click Save to save the presentation.

Click on the Content/Layout tab to fill in the content of the presentation.
Click on the Banner tab to customize the title at the top of the pages of the presentation.
Click on the Theme tab to adjust the background of your presentation.

Content/Layout tab

  1. Click Add Component to add items to your presentation.
  2. Click on the arrow next to an item to edit this item.
  3. Check the Comments Enabled checkbox to make feedback per item available.
  4. In the Pages area you can adjust the page settings. You can add new pages, adjust the order and delete pages.
  5. a. Click Edit Presentation Navigation to adjust the layout of the page.
    b. Click Edit Page Layout to switch between one or two content areas.
  6. Click on View Presentation to view the presentation.

Many different components can be added, namely:

  • Artefact
  • Artefact, reflection, or learning objective from collection
  • Artefacts or reflections by learning objective
  • Reflection
  • Text area
  • Information from my profile
  • Learning objectives

The Banner is a title that appears above each page of the presentation.

  1. Type in the name of the Banner here.
  2. Type in the description here. The description will also be placed in the Banner.
  3. Click Save to save the presentation.

Theme tab

It is possible to give your presentation a theme. The theme determines the colors and design of your presentation.

  1. Click Select on the desired theme to select it for your presentation.
  2. Click on the computer icon to further personalize the layout of a theme.
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