Where can I find a PDF during the exam?

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There are different areas where a PDF can be added to an exam in Cirrus:

  • Introduction page
  • Question
  • Section

Introduction page

When an PDF has been attached to the introduction page, this PDF is available during the exam. One or multiple PDF's can be attached. If multiple PDF's are attached, you will see a list of all available PDF's after clicking on Resources.

Even after starting the exam, the PDF('s) can be accessed.

  1. Click on Introduction. The introduction page will be opened in a popup.
  2. Click on Resource(s) open the PDF. If the button is called Resources, multiple PDF's are attached. Click on the Resources button to view the list.


A PDF attached to a question is only available during the answering of that question. The next question could have a new PDF attached to it.


A PDF which is attached to a section is available while answering all questions belonging to that section. The Resource Button is placed in the same place as with a question PDF.

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