How do I use the Readspeaker functionality during my exam?

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When you are entitled to the provision text-to-speech software, this will be made available in Cirrus. Cirrus uses Readspeaker for this functionality. A practice test will be setup for you so you can see how this works in Cirrus.

Before you start the assessment, it is important to set Cirrus to the correct language. This language will be used for text-to-speech.

  1. Start by setting the language into the assessment language. Readspeaker will automatically adapt that language setting. When you have started the assessment you will not be able to adjust the language again.
  2. Press Start Test to start you assessment.

How does Readspeaker work

When Readspeaker is enabled the following options will appear:

  1. Click on Listen to start the read out by Readspeaker. A menu will appear and additional buttons will available:
  2. Pause the read out.
  3. Stop the read out.
  4. Rewind or Forward.
  5. Adjust the volume of the voice.
  6. Adjust the read out speed.
  7. Close the menu.

Select specific text

  1. Select a specific text you would like to have read out (again).
  2. Note that a pop-up will show with 'Listen' after you have selected the text. Readspeaker will only read out the part you have selected.

Read out text from a pdf

If a pdf is added to the question under Resource or on the Introduction page, and you have opened it, a Listen button is available in the menu bar. If you do not select any text the read out will start from the beginning of the pdf. When you do select any text, Readspeaker will only read out the selected text.

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