Can I submit a presentation from my ePortfolio as a course assignment?

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Due to a bug in the system, an ePortfolio presentation cannot be bigger than 375 MB when submitted as an assignment. We thus advise you, if there are video files in this presentation, to delete those and submit them to the assignment with Kaltura, together with the ePortfolio presentation.

That is possible. The teacher will see the layout of the presentation, with links to the documents.

Please note that: 

  • The teacher cannot leave comments on the presentation, which is possible if you share the presentation through the ePortfolio.
  • If you edit something in the presentation in the ePortfolio after you submitted it, your changes will not be visible in the handed-in presentation.

Please note that you cannot hand in a presentation in a course assignment if it contains a link to a document (containing feedback) from a previous course assignment.

In other words, a document containing feedback from a course cannot be submitted again (in a presentation or as a separate item).

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